The Unfortunate Choice

When couples first get married they don't expect that the marriage will turn sour or fall apart. When it does happen, happiness can turn to bitterness towards one another leading to no other alternative but to end the marriage in a divorce.

Once a divorce is imminent, each person will decide if they can settle the issues involved and agree on a settlement without going to a court trial (uncontested divorce). Or, if the parties are completely deadlocked and no settlement can be reached (contested divorce), it will end up in family court for a judge to decide on what is fair to all those involved, including the children.

Uncontested Divorce

Usually in an uncontested divorce, the marriage was short, with no kids, and no valuable property to divide. Even though they are much simpler to settle, an attorney is recommended to handle all the necessary paperwork to present to the judge for final acceptance and to make sure the agreement is settled as each party originally agreed.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorces can be very complex. Some of the issues that need to be settled are child custody, alimony, dividing property such as household possessions, investments like stocks and bonds, or dividing a shared business. These matters usually cannot be settled fairly without an experienced attorney to protect their client's interests.

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If you are in the unfortinate position of having to go through a divorce, don't try to tackle it alone. Call an experienced attorney to represent you and help you protect what is rightfully yours. In Texas, there are many divorce attorney Fort Worth locations to serve you. Call now for a free initial consultation

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